To Live Under The Control of a Regime...?

What would my life be like? Diammetrically opposite of the one that I live now?

Tonight as I sat listening to the quiet forest behind my property, secure and safe, I wondered about so many things—important matters. As the news has been reported across the screens of my devices and television screens, I have seen familiar words such as “rockets” and “regimes”. Countries are pitted against one another with rhetoric and nuclear arsenals, flexing respective military might. Nations in the Middle East are unstable, they have been for decades, as long as I have been able to remember.

When I was a young lad in the mid 80's, I remember the Reagan years. NASA was booming and the Space Shuttle program was full speed ahead. We had great progress to report and the Iran-Contra scandal was right there a part of the discussion. America's President, my personal hero (then and still) was dedicated to peace through strength and he held close to that ideology, eventually tearing down the walls of communism — literally!

I thought about this past week, the unrest in Iran and Iraq while considering my childhood. I recall so many blessings that I have been provided as an American — my inalienable rights by virtue of the U.S. Consitution, as an American citizen. Merely by being born in this nation, so many rights, so much security, such freedom and liberty is granted to me as a citizen in this country. When I stop long enough to truly embrace the magnitude of the many blessings it is tremendous. Think of the providence by way of the drafting, ratification and especially the sacrifices of so many men and women who have fought, sacrificed and died to preserve these treasured blessings.

There is a yet another thought to ponder...what about those who are born under a jihadist regime? A communist flag? Let's say the North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-Un?

Many may say that these nations are full of mad, bloodthirsty monsters, ready to kill Americans. That is not entirely true my friend. For every militant, communist, jihadist and evil-minded butcher representing these axis-power countries, there are thousands of peace-seeking, humble humans desiring a normal, common life. So many testimonies from Christian missionaries exist concerning those who risk their lives for the freedom to worship, work, live and love in a democratic society.

What would it be like to live under the control of a regime? That was my thought this evening, as it has been over many years prior. When tense times like these arise, I suppose they just seem to creep into my comfortable American life with bit more importance. It seems pathetic on my behalf that it has to take such dramatic matters and situations to occur in order for me to truly put myself aside and really put others first. I guess when I live on the other side of the world it is easy to just avoid it and move on with my cushy life in the West...ridiculous, guilty as charged.

Fortunately, I have the luxury to just turn off the devices or lay the newspaper aside and ignore the matters of the Middle East or Asia. Sadly, for those in Iran, the Persian Gulf, Africa and Asia, it's not so easy. So tonight, I will at least peg these keys on my MacBook and consider how fortunate that I am for the warm blanket of freedom with which my family and my fellow citizens rest under, along with yours truly. I will pray for the armed forces as they go and serve this country and follow the direction of our POTUS.

May God protect the troops as He guides them. I pray always for Israel as Christ reaches gathers His church. I pray also that those under torturous regimes globally, yearning to flee, that they be granted a safe pathway to the freedom they seek so they may know Christ, Liberty and fulfill the purpose for which God created and called and them.