My New Project

I will begin writing a new short story tomorrow. The characters are fictional as is the story of course, based on a select few by design. So often, especially in the past days I found them surrounding every aspect of my life. As soon as I am tempted react with aggravations about space, noise or any idiosyncrasies that may contribute to blinding me from me from reality, the clarity is stark. Every issue, good or bad, no matter whether I react or respond (there is a difference) is continuing to provide so much help through self-animation.

When I stop to think about the inspiration, as it literally spills out each day, sometimes directly onto the floor as milk drippings and orange peels...I am am amazed.

The characters in my book are mostly four-legged and some feathered, with one that many claim resembles his dad, he is an animal however, even if even if does stand upright—at least most of the time.

He will be joined his cohort, a rambunctious rascal that usually can be be tracked to the end of trail. Not stirring up wild game or at chase of dangerous predators. No, this would be a path comprised of scattered, cotton cadavers. There will horrid images of busted seams exposing stuffing and half-hearted plastic “squeakers” nearly able to signal a sound. These poor defenseless subjects can be found like shrapnel hanging among the toys, Slim-Jim wrapped and Dorito Bags or inside the half-constructed (or demolished) forts from the YouTube or MineCraft binging sessions of hours-old.

Yes as an aspiring author, such as myself I have plenty to consider for scenery, setting and certainly a casting pool from which to reel as I “set the hook”.

Will it be the first, second, or third act that may carry me into the great frontiers beyond the back patio...? Well, that remains to be seen.

Truly, if this manuscript portrays a grand adventure, let us just suppose that my future anxious readers are carried much further into some mighty quest, that would be marvelous. Then this simple experience of attempting this project should be a ride worth taking.

Considering the past eight years of observing the lead character of my story and his clever protege’ who is a quick learner in his own regard. It should be fairly interesting to see just who gleans the most...myself included.